Keep track of calorie expenditure

Choose any of the 864 exercises from 21 categories. Not only does USoFatAlator help you calculate how much you need to eat to reach your goal. It also contains an exercise calculator that shows your individual consumption when exercising.

Monitor your weight

USoFatAlator helps you monitor your weight. It saves a history of your measurements and shows you your progress in a intuitive graph.

Metabolic rate

Find out how much you need to eat, based on your current measurements, and select any of the 6 diets you would like to follow.

Track your progress

See your progress on the landing page. Here you can see how far you have come and how much time there is left.

USoFatAlator is advanced & yet easy to use

Developed in co-operation with health and fitness professionals. USoFatAlator is based on scientific methods and formulas.


This is what the USoFatAlator, currently, looks like. This might change before the final version is released.

Ready to Get Started?

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